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21 December, 2023

Investment platform objective

In a world driven by innovation and connectivity, IgniteHubs objective was to create a seamless digital onboarding platform for both enterprises and startups, simplifying their entry into the dynamic business landscape of the GCC region. Mission was to foster collaboration and economic expansion by providing a platform that enables:

Digital Onboarding: Streamlining the onboarding process for enterprises and startups within a single, user-friendly platform, reducing the complexities and time traditionally associated with business setup.

Franchise Expansion: Connecting ambitious regional entrepreneurs with businesses seeking to expand through franchising, fostering entrepreneurship, and spreading successful brands throughout the GCC.

Investor Engagement: Bridging the gap between enterprises, startups, and potential investors, facilitating the growth of innovative projects and enabling access to the vital financial support needed for success.

Business analysis stage and design

We initiated the project by conducting business analysis and market research to develop the optimal UX structure.
After gathering essential insights, we proceeded with UI design, implementing modern solutions to ensure a fresh design style and enhanced accessibility.

Development steps

The platform choice

We decided on WordPress, a user-friendly CMS using PHP and MySQL, so customers could manage projects and news without needing advanced technical skills. However, this choice also brought some challenges along the way.

Enhanced Authorization

For enhanced security in authentication and authorization, we customized the Ultimate Member plugin. Our customization stretched the plugin's functionality and added features such as a 24-hour email invitation expiration and a 1-hour account lockout after multiple failed login attempts.

To streamline the registration process and boost user engagement, we integrated the social login with Nextend Social Login plugin.

Subscription levels

We used Paid Membership Pro to handle memberships and set up categories for Entrepreneurship and Partnership, each with two subscription options. We customized the plugin to allow admins to create new groups and subscriptions.

Purchase a membership thumbnail

Payment Platform choice

We've implemented a custom payment integration through Tap.com, featuring a region-specific payment gateway.

Submission form challenges

The platform serves as a space where users submit new franchises and projects. To facilitate this, intricate forms were developed using Gravity Forms. However, the plugin lacked necessary parameters, requiring plugin customization. We addressed this by integrating the ACF plugin with Gravity Forms. This feature lets admins modify forms on their end, making changes to fields add new ones, and users can submit on their side using Gravity Forms. Additionally, tackled the issue of inflexible UI in the 'Filter Everything Pro' plugin through customization.

Filtration system

Implemented Filter Everything Pro for user-friendly filtration, assisting investors in locating projects and franchises. Resolved UI customization challenge.

User Interface

In creating a smooth user interface, we relied on Elementor Pro. To enhance flexibility, we incorporated PHP code to manipulate the interface. This combination resulted in a user interface that went beyond Elementor's typical features.

Integrated Arabic translation, resulting in a shift of the entire content from right to left. This presented some challenges for customized design parameters, that were adeptly addressed.

globe gif


The news system features advanced filtration options, including region-based filtering and a map view facilitated by the 'Interactive Geo Maps' plugin. We addressed the lack of flexible UI in the 'Filter Everything Pro' plugin by customizing it, ensuring a user-friendly browsing experience. This solution enhances usability, allowing seamless navigation of the news section.



Other features that we focused on include currency integration, which allows both investors and entrepreneurs to select the currency that best suits their needs, promoting global accessibility and facilitating seamless transactions tailored to individual preferences.

Additionally, we developed user profiles with advanced functionality. Users can now track their project and franchise investment progress conveniently. This includes the ability to view platform approval statuses for their submitted projects ensuring transparency and facilitating smoother interactions with the platform.


In summary, IgniteHub connects investors with diverse GCC opportunities. We simplified onboarding for GCC enterprises, fostering collaboration and entrepreneurship. Explore Arnology's web development services to enhance your projects.


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